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The brain is the limit

As I mentioned in my┬ávery first post, I was fairly busy during the past few weeks as I had to prepare an important report for uni. Now I have submitted though and am slowly getting back to real life… But … Continue reading

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Going nuclear on facebook

A few days after the Japan earthquake hit, a link to a blog giving background information on the Fukushima I reactors was circulated on facebook. It originally appeared on this page (with the interesting title “Why I am not worried … Continue reading

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More on ze Germans

Seeing as I just gave you a bit of an introduction to Germany in my previous post, I thought I should quickly add something I came across today: the “At-a-glance guide to Germany: Sausages, sexual confidence and surprisingly good hip-hop“, … Continue reading

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You say potato, I say Kartoffel…

One of the more positive side effects of events such as the Japan earthquake (or the Tunisia/Egypt/Lybia uprisings – yes, that’s still going on too…) is that suddenly the whole world discusses the same topics. Which makes it very easy … Continue reading

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