My name is Sarah, and I am a PhD student at Imperial College London, UK, working in cancer research. Before coming to London, I completed a Master’s degree in Molecular Biology at the University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia. Originally however I am from Cologne in Germany, where I studied Biology for 3.5 years before I decided it was time to go abroad and learn something about… well, anything and everything, really!

I think living and studying in three different countries has not only improved my English (well, you’d hope so!), but also broadened my horizon in many ways and certainly made me a more “aware” person. Having to find your way around uni applications and other ridiculously bureaucratic procedures, looking for a place to live, getting to know a foreign city, and especially immersing yourself in a new culture can be tiresome and even frightening at times, but it certainly teaches you a thing or two too!

Taken together, all these experiences have turned me into someone who enjoys learning about other countries, making observations about pretty much anything in day-to-day life, and discussing these observations with others. On a seemingly unrelated note, I also enjoy writing – and that is where this blog comes in: it combines the two. Through my posts I want to share my observations with others, hopefully get useful feedback/criticism/corrections, and at the same time improve my writing skills. Scientists generally have a reputation for being bad writers – but I certainly don’t want to be one of them!

However, as I don’t have a particularly strong urge to disclose my entire personal life on the internet or “anonymously” talk (well, let’s face it, most people rather rant online) about colleagues, friends or other people I come across, I thought I should try and find a somewhat less private topic for this blog. So I asked myself: What do I care about enough to fill an entire blog with – without turning it into a diary? I came up with photography, science, people‘s (strange…) behaviours and a few more, but the recurrent (sub)themes in all of them were: travelling and the environment. I’ve always been passionate about living life in a modern and global, yet still environment-friendly manner – a tough combination! Hence there’s plenty to write about.

So the first main theme of this blog are the everyday challenges that someone with a strong urge to recycle faces in a world filled with the likes of oversized and unnecessary plastic wrappers or electronic equipment that was built to break just after the warranty expires. I mean, seriously…
Apart from that though, as my second key topic, I write about the joys and pains of travelling and the things I observe along the way. And by “way” I don’t necessarily mean journeys to foreign countries for holidays, but rather simply getting from A to B. In my case, A is usually London (where I live), while B is Cologne (where I grew up). And trust me, there’s a lot to be experienced in just under 500 kilometres!

Finally, to make things a bit more interesting, I also occasionally post some of the nature photographs I’ve taken around the world over the years, just to show you why I’m so passionate about both travelling and preserving this beautiful world. Additionally, I might of course throw in a few rather unrelated notes on other things too – just to every now and then satisfy the little exhibitionist that is probably hidden (or not so hidden…) in every blogger, even me!


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