Denmark adventures – in Australia!

Apparently I’m not the only one who recently started a blog: I just discovered that David Bomba, who runs tours in Denmark, is also in the blogging business now. “Wow”, you might think, “he runs tours covering an entire country??” Well, I have to disappoint you there (although I’m sure it would be great to tour all of Denmark The Country) – what I’m talking about here is Denmark The Town, which is located south of Perth in Western Australia:


I visited Denmark in late 2007 and absolutely loved it. There’s not all that much to do in the town itself, but the surrounding coastline is just spectacular. I rented a bicycle for a day while I was there and just cycled around myself, while on two other days I went on tours with David. They were some of the best tours I’ve been on in Australia, even though they didn’t go to spectacular sites like Uluru or get you face-to-face with the likes of crocodiles and sharks – but David tailors the tour to your wishes and really knows what he’s talking about. He clearly appreciates what nature has to offer and is happy to share his knowledge.

I have to admit that I was lucky too – I was the only one on the tours back then, so it felt more like spending a day with a friend than being on an impersonal, hectic, over-organised tour. David really seems to enjoy what he’s doing and thus got Denmark up high on my list of places I recommend visiting.

But if you can’t visit right now (I admit, it’s a bit far away for most of us…), here’s some pictures to give you an idea:

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3 Responses to Denmark adventures – in Australia!

  1. Dr Dave says:

    Hi Sarah – Good to hear you enjoyed Denmark WA and that you have some great memories of the area. Denmark is still a great place with a good eco vibe! These days I run a range of eco adventure tours to various national parks and nature reserves.
    Yesterday I did a guided Bibbulmun walk and we had a spectacular day for it. Today I’m off doing some Denmark sightseeing and then out to the Valley of The Giants for the Tree Top Walk this afternoon. I love your photos – they capture a moment in time and what Denmark is about – low key, natural and relaxed!

  2. naturewide says:

    Hey Dave,

    Glad to hear you like the pictures! Sounds like you’re still having as much fun doing the tours as you had back when I visited Denmark. I really need to come back one day, to escape the hectic life that is London…
    All the best!

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