Spring is here!

Finally it’s getting warmer again, and personally, this is one of my favourite times of the year – it’s certainly up there with summer, autumn and winter…! So just to get things started (with this blog), here’s a very small and not at all impressive collection of pictures I took of blossoming plants in Holland Park in springtime.

By the way, Holland Park is truly beautiful – it contains a small forest, several ponds, a Japanese Garden, loads of peacocks and squirrels, an ecology centre with interesting courses and lots of online information (e.g. on Holland Park’s trees or on Green Gardening), playgrounds, tennis courts and so on… Yes, I highly recommend this little gem in West London. Oh, and it also has a Youth Hostel, a cafe, a restaurant and the Holland Park Opera, although I haven’t tried any of those yet – well, I’d say here’s a plan for the next few weeks! Except for the Youth Hostel maybe, luckily I have a place to live just around the corner…

And speaking of cherries (the last picture in the slideshow), on my way to work I always cycle through a road that’s lined with cherry trees. Each year they all flower at the same time, for about a week or two in March or April. After that, you get the impression that winter has returned – all the trees suddenly shed their white-pink petals, and the street looks like it’s covered in fresh snow! That, just like real snow, certainly adds a nice touch to the concrete desert that is London (in some areas, anyway…).

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